Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Basingstoke Beats & Bars 15/08/08
I really Had fun,
Apart from the nasty knickers being thrown on stage

(not victoria secrets or La Perla!!!),
New songs went down well,
Hustler fucked it up, about the rowdy crowd, shout out the B4 massive!!!
"Someone" forgot to press record on our camera.
But the good folk at Beats and Bars put this on Youtube.

Talent was good on the night as well..might be some future stars there.

Also Had some funny/crazy girls backstage and someones MUM selling weed!!!!!!!
(you know who you are lol)



0.5 said...

wot a bad influence.... lol j/k

Michael said...

I'm glad you've upped the video, I couldn't be bothered to queue (would have took about an hour) so I went for an Indian instead. :)

Did you hear about all of the trouble after? No more Beats & Bars at that location...pissed.

beatsnbars.co.uk said...

KA....Beats n Bars will have you back anytime !! I'll make you some nice sandwiches next time lol !! You're fab and Hustler will be no 1 xxxx Patsy beatsnbars.co.uk

Anonymous said...

alryt kano
u was heavy at bstoke
oh yh by the way its P4 massive not B4 lol

its stands for popley 4 a place in basingstoke

hope u come bak again

beatsnbars.co.uk said...

Michael......the rumours are not true, beats n bars @ the academy lives on lol !!