Tuesday, 23 September 2008

140 Grime St Resident of The Week

Calling all Supporters and fans!!

Now I know there's a lot of you out there that support me and my music

so I've created 140 Grime St's Resident of The Week,

as a way to say thank you for all the support & what you do for me.

Every week, myself and the team at 140 Grime St will pick a fan that supports me,
which can range from Promoting my music,

Buying the Albums, mixtapes, singles,

Coming to the shows, to requesting my songs on radio and many other things.

A brief write up of what they do to support me will be placed on my blog

and my Myspace page with a specially designed picture...

so the whole world can see. HAHAHA!

So if you wanna see yourself on my blog...

Either Send me a message on my Myspace

or email kano@140grimest.com

Telling me why you should be chosen.


Name: Niran


Former Resident of : Newham

Fave Kano Track: Nite Nite/P&Qs

Niran is a special resident of 140 Grime St,

not only is he the first resident of the week,

but he's also become one of Kano's Digital helpers.
As an alumni of Langdon Secondary School, same as Kano,
Niran had his first dose of Kano and his music a few years ago whilst listening to 'Boys Love Girls' on the radio.
Even though Nite Nite is his favourite Kano song, he also loves P's & Q's as "the beat is dope".

As a designer, Niran has helped the BPM Digital Team

by designing things such as gifs and banners.

Even after doing all this work for Kano...Niran still doesn't know why he should be a resident of 140 Grime St.

Modesty....such a great thing!

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