Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ghetto - Sing for me Video

G be the "Underground King" that means he's locked shit from the floor under. However, I think this is the biggest look yet for Ghetts.
Strong video, bad bwoy song and you don know about the flow already.
Check out when the video cuts to the remix...
Sing buda buda........!!!!! BOOM BANG!

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ellz said...

its sik i loved da tune wen i first heard it on logan sama, i was w8in 4 da video i hav 2 say, i like that da girl was syncin ghetto lyrics added a nice touch 2 it, and its different which is also a good thing,n it does make u sing along to da (as i am) yea im feelin it,feelin it

Anonymous said...

diss song is da shit ryte here man........same here i loved it
1st tym i herd it tooo!'z just so cathcy man.....and da video is also doin alort man!.......big up to ghetto on diss one man........