Thursday, 23 October 2008


(I'm Big Time in Nigeria)

Last Tuesday I began this experience of a life time journey to Africa.
It was just that.
From meeting the whole Africa Express crew (all 40 of us)
to playing the most intense show to the most hard core audience out there, it was an eventful 6 days.

The week kicked off with us arriving at the hotel after the loooong ting at the airport. We had a bbq in the garden and listened to the house band play. Then everyone ended up on their feet and joining in the singing. A good day 1, until we found out that the hotel had booked out half of our rooms (not funny). I was one of the ones that had to check into another hotel up the road for the first night.

Day 2- We visited Fela's club, the Shrine, where we would be playing the gig at on Saturday. Then had to witness a just murdered Cow being skinned and cut in pieces.
Yes that was lunch! But not for me.
Day 2 I became a vegetarian. This where my 3 times a day plantain addiction came into play. We also went to Fela's house where he used to live and chilled on the roof for a bit taking it all in.

(Me And Flea from Red hot chilli peppers)
(Me & Damon Albarn)
That night we went back the Shrine for old school night.

Femi Kuti and his band played and bun it down to say the least.
This is the night I heard 9ice, who is now my favorite artist in the car.

"Out of Niger, straight from Niger. Street credibility....!!!!"

Day 3- We kicked back in the hotel garden (after my plantain fix) and played together for the first time ever. Already some cool stuff was coming out.

Later that evening we went to a beach on Victoria Island. Let's not talk about the driver's driving skills, or lack of on the way there. Let's talk about when it started raining and everyone rushed into 1 dark little room with a dj and a pool table. Can't go wrong! While playing a few games, dancing to the only ten year old Jay Z album the dj had and waiting the standard 4 hours for food... Someone from somewhere found a mic. The beach turned into Eskimo Dance for an hour.
Everyone taking a turn on the mic. It was HEAVY! Me and Bashy represented the UK well.

Day 4- We rehearsed again in the hotel. Then in the night time we hit the Shrine for Hip Hop night. We watched some bad (in a good way) Hip Hop acts like M.I. he smacked it!

Day 5- This was the day of the big show.
After a late night and a bit of a lay in, we headed to the venue to set up and sound check. This is finally where I decided which two songs I would be jumping on. 1- Damon randomly came up with. Electric Shock! 2- The Hypnotic Brass Crew were playing something and I was like yep, I'm on that. One real sick melody. It was bad!!!

Show time- I was suprised by the reaction I got from the crowd. Also the whole place singing "electric shock". D don't leave me out on that one, I want publishing!!! HA. On my second song I was joined half way through randomly by a few Nigerian artists. The stage was packed and crowed loved it. It was a highlight for me.
"I'm from London, straight from London!!!!"

Overall, the show was wicked. Some ups, some downs, some moments of genius, but all a night never to forget. Yet again me and Bash represented out there.

Day 6- Me, Jeymes, Rose, Sam and Romeo were still up from day 5. I got to bed at 10.30. Up at 11.30, off the market we go... Bought some stuff then back to the hotel for the grudge match of the year.
The Arsenal V Chelsea. Me and Damon need to settle it once and for all on the battered up table tennis table. First I got to deal with Flea. I guess Red Hot chili Peppers are not so hot... NEXT. The final....

KANO VS DAMON ALBARN............ Your gonna have to wait to see that one for your own eyes!


Naijaboy said...

Kano ft 9ice?

Can't wait for that one

btw its Naija not niger

its KA!!!!


Johan said...

Wich football team do you support?