Wednesday, 8 October 2008


See, man like me BUY my CDs.
Can't buy 1 American without buying 3 UK.
Big up Sway and Twang.
Plus you ain't a 140 resident unless you got 1 for the yard and 1 for the car!
Its not to late.
Get urself to the shops now
or hit iTunes..
Support the UK, I do!!



Elijah said...

howcomes u didnt buy ironiks?

Kano said...

Did you?

Renee said...

I brought your album last week online from HMV and it only came in the post last night, so I've been listening to it on repeat from 6.00am this morning to make up for lost time........and I LOVE IT!!! YEAH BOOOOYYYY!

ellz said...

i dontr mean to b badmind & not support one of our own but ironik is not really most ppl dat r really in da grime scene cup of tea, u can download da album on itunes for £5 not 2 be rude bt that says alot,n say omdz i love:
Sway - Fit 4 A King
Sway - Walk Away
Sway - Taxi
n as for blak twang i loved him since Trixstar wid estelle used 2 play dat trak in ma cd player in ma skool days n stil hav it on ma itunes n his nu album is arrivin in da post 4 me 2mar so ....hey
Vote kano Best HipHop Act on the urban music awards!

Buxi said...

Yes Kano, I bought this Album from Hmv 9am the first day it came out.

I know you're a Great Lyricist and an Established Artist, alot more big tings in store for you bro. All fi Recognise buy this Album worth every penny, and If you know music you'll realise that the concept of this Album from the Title to every Track, to featured artists proves that Big K is a musical genius. No one has done an Album like this before in this genre; Love concept and I get it do you?

Alton Walker AKA Buxi Duban formerly apart of the 4 piece group BAD BREED from SW9 las seen in Vibe Magazine 1997 look us up on which is when I was a youth!


striblo said...

your saying u support the uk. i do. ive loved your bars since i first saw u at the bonfire bonanza in ocean 2003 with "u kno its ka", thats 5 years man. i payed 40 quid for me an my gal an u didnt even show. u let down 200 or more tru fans. how could u do that? said...

I like your sound , I just listened the 140 grime album and I like it ,and the signature lp of sway..Peace from Romania!