Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I'm in the studio all day!!!

Whew! Sup peoples..
Still on the grind as per usual.. Was in the studio on monday..
Glad to say it was a productive day.
Wiley turned up for starters!!! HaHa
The track sounded sick still. Sounds like a big one.
However it was the furthest I had ever travelled to a studio (other than Jamaica).
IT WAS FUCKIN' FAR!!!!! After my driver had left me coz I was taking to long and they didn't want to pay "waiting time".
Then having to come back anyway (prick). Arriving to the country lane.
Seeing old people playing bowls (not 10 pin, the real shit) and asking residents for a "studio". It turned out alright.
I made and layed my verse (10 mins, Jigga holla at me!).
Then Scorcher went in. It was the first time I had met Scorcher still. He layed down a nice verse. Overall it was a good day. Look out for it!
(Click the pictures to view them full sized.)

(L to R)Scorcher, Me & Wiley = We got fire for days.

I swear there was more people eating with me.

Here's me getting my Dr Dre on.

Look at me! Like I know what the fuck I'm doing!!

Building the bars. Blacking out! No paper like me.

What you got so far?......... Yea I'm feeling that flow!

I'm probably telling the engineer to turn me up (as usual).

This is me getting my Diddy on. A little feedback when its needed.

Done know the my space!!!!! For all the people that questioned it.. yes its mine!

Look out for the behind the scenes videos coming soonish..

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