Thursday, 10 July 2008

Top of the pops...

Actually Top of my car stereo tunes..

This is MY current Top 10..
These 10 tracks have been on repeat in my stereo for a minute..
As I said this is MY personal list..
So Shhhhh and just listen. :)

10- Jay-Z - Imaginary player

9- Kanye West - Big Brother

8- Jay-Z - American Dreaming

7- Eminem - Who Knew

6- Skepta - Rolex Sweep

5- Lil Wayne - A MILLI

4- Lil Wayne - La La La

3- Wiley - Wearing my rolex.

2- Movado - So Special

1- Kano aka ME!!!! - HUSTLER!!!!! (1st single from 140 grime st)

That was fun...
Think I might do this every week..



Kay said...

Ya top trax r an ear busta. Hahaha!Got to lorv big brotha, so special n hustler. Nw i lorv dat.

Anonymous said...

you got that heavy buzz going for this album bra! you sound hungry again :) can't wait for the album to drop!!!

ainsy said...

good list, i fink u should do a track or freestyle on that lil wayne milli beat, that wuill sound heavy