Tuesday, 8 July 2008

O2 wireless 08 behind the scenes pictures.

I was on my Grind backstage at the Wireless Festival..
(No serious..it wasn't all fun and freebees HaHa.)
Interview after Interview after....
(Well you get the picture haha)
But I have never had so much fun doing press ever!!

I swear those are Mick Jagger's Lips!

I let them into a little secret about my special guest (footage coming soon).

This was the funniest interview I had ever done
(until the next one about 3minutes later).
Questions like:
Interviewer- What's the most amount of girls you've slept with at once?
Me- 4, ask hefner about me! HA!!

He don't need no phone box to change. Just the magic glasses!

Then he asked "what's it like to be Kano" so I showed him.
I was asking the questions now...
Me- "So Kano, what's the single you got coming out called?" (meaning 'Hustler').
Interviewer replies in a Kano like way- "Its a collaboration with S Club 7 called Reach For The Bras".
Some funny shit!!

This is officially the CRAZIEST interview I have ever done!!!!
Filming footage INCASE celebrities died. I done a interview as if Jeremy Clarkson had died. That's out of order!
I said Lewis Hamilton could take his job. LOL

Then I got to chill with a few of my peoples..

Never felt like the dullest person in the room (or field) before..
Then I met The Cool Kids!

Don't tell Ferguson that's alcohol!

Crazy day... If you have any pictures from that day email 'em to



Ginger Kid said...

I must say you smacked it at 02 wireless. Coming in with a poncho was pretty dope.

Chris said...

It looks like you got had bruv! That photo of the craziest interview you've ever done? Looks a lot like Alan Carr off the Sunday Night Project and that guy that won the apprentice...

Giovanni said...

Which football team do you support?