Saturday, 5 July 2008

O2 Wireless 08 performance (Fan footage.)

So I'm getting ready to go tear down the stage
at the Godiva festival in Coventry,
When my boy sends me some youtube links
of my performance @ The O2 Wireless festival in Hyde Park.
That day was crazyyyyyy!!!
The rain decided to fling down just minutes before I got on stage
(and a certain man who will remain nameless for now,
did a 360 slip up backstage and landed on his ASS!! lol)
Behind the scenes and exclusive footage and photos coming real soon..

But I kinda like these videos...So I thought I'd share em with you guys..

P.S.. I saw a shedload of cameras flashing and recording..
so if you have any pictures or footage Email them to

P.P.S...If I see anyone step on stage in an orange rain poncho, I'll know they bit my style.


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